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  • Data Analysis and Strategy

    data analysis and strategy your pro seo There are several areas of your digital marketing (beyond your website) that can benefit through the use of your web data. It’s really all about breaking down those digital insights across platforms and tactics. It’s so useful to do this because consumer behavior in one area nearly always provides insight and actionable metrics for another. Below you can see a small snippet of analytic data that gives Your Pro SEO a lot of insight into how to design an entities website and market the site to the correct audience. Let’s explore some of the ways you can use your web data specifically to create what people will actually care about from a marketing perspective.

    data analysis and strategy your pro seo

    Improve Your Mobile Apps and Sites With Analytics

    Using your web data to provide a better mobile experience is essential. The data you’re already collecting provides insight into what you should implement from a mobile perspective. At a high level, you can quickly see how many of your visitors access your site via mobile device, and if you haven’t yet, use that data to make a case to create a mobile site (if you still lack a mobile site – don’t laugh, a surprising amount of people don’t have one yet, we can help with that). If you’ve already got a site and are exploring mobile apps, analyzing what devices your visitors already prefer will help you make a case for what your site should provide

    Create More Sharable Social Content From Analytics Insights

    While many use social monitoring and web monitoring tools like Google Alerts to get ideas for new content to create in social (such as platform updates and blog posts), some of the most useful insights are available in our custom social analytic software. We detect what is working in your social media campaign and what isn’t and then make the appropriate changes. This way customers following your site are seeing exactly what they want to see.

    These are just a few of the way Your Pro SEO uses web analytics to make your customers truly love your marketing initiatives. This will help you improve your marketing over the long term and improve bit-by-bit, every day.

    Our team includes members with extensive backgrounds in econometric and statistical research and implementation. Your Pro SEO will make the most out of the data we collect to provide you with the optimal experience and the biggest bang for your buck.


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