We love what we do. Our team is composed of a wide range of talent, ability and vision. Each individual at Your Pro SEO has a unique approach to accomplishing the task at hand, adding a special flavor to each project. Our in house superheroes will be there every single step of your online marketing journey. We provide an exceptional balance to the arts, sciences, and fun of life. We are educated, experienced and most importantly value our relationships with each other and each client.


Dan Campbell

Business Development

Dan is the expert when it comes to SEO. Dan has over a year of experience working with more than 75 clients throughout North America. Dan was once known for his intense yet unique style of outdoor basketball play. He loves to have fun and DESPISES blurry graphics on the internet.


Tucker Brady


Tucker is a permanent fashion statement. You may see him and wonder why he is wearing what he is, well don’t worry it will be the next biggest trend in 2 years. Your web presence needs his eye, and his professional style sense. He has a huge iMac and he knows how to use it, so beware what videos he may roll out. Oh and did we mention he can fly a plane?

ProBot Steve

Steve Gould

Lead Consultant

Steve has far too many accolades, awards and experience to list here, so please check out his LinkedIn or something. Imagine being really really smart, and you’d be a lot like Steve. He has a great knowledge of Marketing, Econometrics, and Customer Relations.

ProBot TraceeCTracee Zeisler

Social Media Specialist

You may never meet a better Pinterester in your whole life. Tracee understands why people share what they do on social media and why people like it. She loves to shop, make new friends, and can rebuild an engine from the bottom up.


Kennie Christiansen

Managing Director

If you need something figured out Kennie will solve it. His main objective is to make things work at their most effective and efficient level. Kennie worked in Uganda as a business consultant for over 168 individual businesses, and loves seeing others succeed.

ProBot Danielle HDanielle Harding

Graphic Designer

Danielle is a born picasso, except we actually understand what her artwork is supposed to mean. She is a magnificent artist, and has the creativity that will help your graphics really grab the attention, and heart of the consumer. You should really check out some of her artwork it’s pretty neat!

ProBot Jonathan

Jonathan Porter

Humanitarian Efforts

Well let’s just say he got accepted into multiple schools within Oxford. He speaks English, French, Swahili, Haitian Creole, Setswana, and is now learning Portuguese. He has lived throughout Africa and Europe as a volunteer. Jonathan makes sure humanitarian is really actually humanitarian, no hidden incentives. Jonathan is genuinely interested in fairness, justice, and safety for all.