Website Analytical Reporting

website analytical reporting your pro seo utahCustomers may end up on your website through numerous paths, including search engine results, banner ads, popup ads, YouTube videos, and links from social media. To understand what’s effective and what’s not, you need to be able to track all this behavior.

Our professional analytical team will check your rankings, visits, click-through rates, and other statistics daily, and fill you in on your web presence and performance. Your Pro SEO uses Google Analytics and other advanced tools to do search engine optimization reports, pay-per-click reports, advertising reports and other reports to continually optimize internet marketing campaigns.

Surprisingly, many businesses today fail to even recognize the importance of web analytics as part of their overall business strategy. People do not physically walk into your online store and browse the shelves, and it can be difficult for you to understand what is working, what could be improved, and what you need to do to put your best foot forward.

Why should I use web analytics for my business? With web analytics it is possible to gather vast amounts of data on the activity of visitors who come to your marketing or ecommerce website. You can record where they came from, which pages are the most popular, how much time people spend on your pages, and how many unique visitors you have had, and hundreds of other metrics and graphs.

Web analytics are essential to guide your business decisions online and ultimately improve your website performance. Don’t be blind in your marketing efforts, but open your eyes and incorporate web analytics in your marketing strategy. Contact Your Pro SEO to get a free estimate on our web analytics program today.

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